Jelosimi Art Center (JAC)

Exhibitions - Jelesinmi, 2021

The subject for Sobayo’s Jelesinmi presentation could not be more immediate and imperative. It also cannot be under stated. This is informed by highlighting the vanishing knowledge in pure Yoruba language and its intricacies that is engaged in the body of work. The advocacy world over concerning vanishing languages and culture is at even higher stakes than ever before as cultures continue to fold into one another alongside the influence of popular culture, westernization and globalization.

Yoruba and its language has a very rich and beautiful history that is still being researched and documented however the contemporary state and evolution of the language that is deeply instilled in the culture and navigations of the Yoruba has become of concern in certain perspectives. Researchers continue to present the decline of the pure form of the language and the notice has become a driving force behind Sobayo’s creative interests.

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Nature’s Muse

Debut solo art exhibition of 20 artworks by Khalid Balogun with mother earth as case study.
Curated by: Mathew Oyedele

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